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The immobilization of your crypto-currencies by your service provider

source of great harm

Crypto Article

Are you trying to call COINBASE customer support?

No one answers. This is commonplace. Cryptocurrency operators have grown too fast. Customer support departments are staffed by too few operators to meet customer expectations.

When by chance you do get a response to your query, it is inadequate.

Operators have prefilled answers that do not answer your questions.

Use a specialist association to protect your rights


Our callers are sometimes desperate, on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

We will advise you very quickly.

We will put you in touch with specialists in these matters.

We are in contact with lawyers in the United States who have already brought class actions against COINBASE.

In short, COINBASE is tying up your funds. By the time you get control of your cryptocurrencies again, bitcoin has collapsed.

Don’t panic, we’ll explain how to attack your errant account holder.

Your cryptocurrencies have been siphoned off and you have no savings left.

We will connect you with partner lawyers who will provide you with strategies to win your case.