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Compensation for bodily injury

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Amount of compensation following a personal injury accident


There is no official scale for the amount of your compensation. Although it is possible to obtain compensation averages from the courts, a study of each case is necessary.

The Dintilhac nomenclature


This nomenclature makes it possible to categorise the damage suffered by a person into different injury categories.

Scale of compensation for damages in 2022


Although there are scales established by judges or legal professionals, these are only indicative. For example, the Mornet reference system is an indicative scale for magistrates. It makes it possible to harmonise compensation amounts.

Medical expertise


The expertise is carried out by a doctor specialised in personal injury. The medical expert will examine the victim of a personal injury and give him/her a score for each item of damage.

Negotiating the amount of compensation following a personal injury


Negotiation takes place either between the victim and the insurance company, in the amicable phase, or before a judge, in the judicial phase. In the latter case, it is the judge who decides on the amount of compensation to be awarded. In this way, he can force an insurance company to compensate a victim of a personal injury accident. Our association is in contact with lawyers who can take charge of negotiating your compensation.

Increase your chances of obtaining compensation


With the help of a personal injury specialist, you will be able to obtain compensation that is commensurate with your losses. There are actually two distinct phases in the compensation procedure. In the amicable phase you can negotiate directly with the insurance company to obtain the maximum compensation. Then, if the negotiations fail, you can take legal action against the insurer of the person responsible.

It is very important to be advised by a specialist as this will avoid falling into the traps set by insurers. Our association will advise you free of charge and put you in touch with the right professionals (victims’ doctors, specialist lawyers).