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Cryptocurrency scam

How to file a criminal complaint in the European states ?

Crypto Article

Believing you were investing in cryptocurrencies; you fell victim to a scam. You never received the promised returns and lost significant amounts of money, which disappeared along with the scammers who tricked you. Our association helps you to file a complaint, which is the first step to take in case of a scam.

You can file a complaint directly at a police station or send a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt to the Public Prosecutor of your place of residence. Bring the facts in question to his attention.

It is necessary to describe the facts in as much detail as possible and attach supporting documents to the complaint, preferably organized chronologically (how, when, with whom, are there accomplices, how did you acquire cryptocurrencies, how much money did you invest, how did you settle it, what is the status of your situation, how much damage was caused to you).

Consequently, you file a complaint against the person or company that defrauded you or against X, if the perpetrator is unknown.

Please feel free to contact our network by email if you need free advice (contact@victimaction.com). We will do our best to respond quickly.