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Filing a complaint may be of interest

when the IP address of the pirate has been identified

Crypto Article

In the so-called Solana case, we understand that in 2022, cryptocurrency wallet siphoning is becoming commonplace.

While the average person may not be able to counter this kind of attack, some Internet users have become very resourceful. By combining computer skills and a bit of human psychology, an ethical hacker managed to recover the IP address of the hacker. This Twitter user would have used a security flaw related to NFTs. Revealed earlier this year, this security hole allows a malicious actor to collect a lot of data via an unfungible token.

The profession of cybersecurity expert has a bright future ahead of it. Indeed, there are now schools that train for such professions.

 This person, a cybersecurity specialist, therefore set out to trap the hacker. He confided that it took him fifteen minutes to extract the fraudster’s IP address. The strategist himself could not believe it, the trick worked. This kind of information is sensitive and could well help in the pursuit of the thief, at least in locating him at first.

Perhaps the British are ahead of the game. They have set up a police force specialising in tracking down cryptocurrency fraudsters.

It is necessary that Europole and the European States equip themselves with specialised police units in order to put these swindlers behind bars (Read our article).

It is only a short step to think that law firms will work with ethical organisations in the future to deliver justice to the victims. However, this justice will not be public but private… Indeed, it is unlikely that states will set up such specialised police units.

Indeed, in the absence of regulation in states around the world and in the presence of a European Union that considers crypto-currency users to be non-consumers, there will be few other options.