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victim of a cryptocurrency platform

Cryptocurrency Platform

You are a victim  ? Contact us !

Cryptocurrency scam, how to file a complaint ?

Are you a victim of a scam or have lost money on a cryptocurrency platform, this article explains how to file a complaint.

The different criminal qualifications in case of theft of your cryptocurrencies.

Have you lost your cryptocurrencies ? It is possible that the facts can be qualified criminally. Discover in this article the different possible qualifications.

Filing a complaint may be of interest when the IP address of the hacker has been identified.

Faced with the novelty of this subject, the state systems are struggling to keep up. The use of IT professionals can prove to be efficient.

Blocking your crypto-currencies by your service provider, a source of great harm.

It is important to quickly refer you to people who can help you.

Class action.

This article will help you understand what a class action is and its interest, in its French and international conception.